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EU4Business Entrepreneurship Success Stories: SpaceNet – The Path To Your Network

EU4Business Entrepreneurship Success Stories: SpaceNet – the Path to Your Network

By entering the world of entrepreneurship, Amer Skrobo actually found himself. Through his effort and commitment, he achieved his goal – to open his own start-up. Although he received his formal education at the Faculty of Forestry, he continued to expand his competencies through non-formal education, to one-year learning of the Java programming language. It was then that Amer’s freelance career began, within a large start-up company. By learning from the people who run large companies, he learns the basic principles and pillars on which a start-up is built.

When we asked him how the SpaceNet app fits into all of this, Amer laughed and replied: “The SpaceNet application is a ‘small local’ indoor network. After installing and starting the application, it uses a set of parameters to generate contacts for people currently in the same space. The application is used at conferences, fairs, and similar events. It is free for end users, and it’s available on iOS and the Google play store. SpaceNet is my response to the need to communicate with the people around me; to people who are in the same space with me, especially when I am at conferences where I would like to make contacts with people with whom I share the same or similar business interests” Amer points out.

Financial support and training “Start and Improve Your Business”, performed in accordance with the methodology of the International Labor Organization, is provided through the EU4Business project funded by the European Union. The one of the biggest advantages of this training is that the attention is focused on the participants and what they want to achieve, which ultimately leads to a much more realistic understanding of a particular topic. While financial support provides start-up capital, training provides them with new acquaintances and potential partnerships with which most participants continue to work together to realize a start-up idea.

With many options offered by the SpaceNet application, it opens the possibility of excellent networking and gaining new contacts and, most importantly, new business agreements. First, I want to position myself on the domestic market and, in addition to conferences and fairs, ‘enter’ large retail chains, and the next goal is to take a part of the cake on the foreign market“, concludes Amer.

Amer Skrobo’s business idea is financially and professionally supported through the project “Sarajevo – Entrepreneurship Center”, which is being implemented within the EU4Busines project – for a competitive and innovative domestic economy. With the aim of strengthening the BiH economy, EU4Business encourages the development of entrepreneurship, export-oriented sectors, tourism, and agriculture, as well as rural development. EU4Business is worth € 16.1 million and is jointly funded by the European Union (€ 15 million) and the Federal Republic of Germany (€ 1.1 million). The project is being implemented jointly by GIZ, ILO and UNDP, from April 2018 to March 2022.

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