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EU4Business Success Entrepreneurship Stories: With RootId Traditional Becomes Digital

EU4Business Success Entrepreneurship Stories: With RootId Traditional Becomes Digital

Adnan Čutura and Adi Šoše are a young and enthusiastic duo determined to make their dreams come true. They are entering the world of entrepreneurship with small but stable steps with the newly established company RootId. RootId ( is an “oasis” of business digitalization services, reflected in the transformation of businesses from traditional to digitized forms through software use.

Adnan and Adi are still postgraduate students, but while in undergraduate studies, they slowly developed their idea, which they managed to implement through the opportunity provided by the European Union project EU4Business.

We are very enthusiastic and enjoy the development of different types of systems as well as contributing to our own vision of digital future. As the demand for this type of service is growing, the knowledge and money we received within the EU4Business project will serve as a tool to launch our other business ideas, which will eventually become the main focus of the company ” said Adi.

RootId deals with the digitalization of business processes. Processes that are prone to errors, slow and tedious, are being transformed in safe, fast, and cost-effective form, thus saving entrepreneurs time and money. In addition to the classic digitalization, RootId works together with startups on the development of their digital solutions, and Adnan and Adi plan to direct a part of their business towards the development of solutions for companies entering the market.

The “How to Start and Improve Business” training, conducted in accordance with the methodology of the International Labor Organization, was very dynamic and interactive for all participants. A special value in all of this is that we gained additional knowledge and repeated what we learned before, created our business plan, and got the motivation to start a company. And not only that; The new partnerships, through which we will provide our services, and which we have gained among the participants in the training, are, in my opinion, the greatest value in all this” says Adnan.

In addition to financial support, EU4Business also provided adequate training to participants, enabling them to further advance professionally; develop their business plans and acquire the necessary business skills. In addition, this type of support gave participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the business environment and face challenges of entrepreneurship prepared.

EU4Business is funded by the European Union in the amount of EUR 15 million and the Federal Republic of Germany in the amount of EUR 1.1 million, with the aim of strengthening entrepreneurship, export-oriented sectors, tourism and agriculture, as well as rural development in BiH. The project is being implemented jointly by GIZ, ILO and UNDP, from April 2018 to March 2022.

The business idea of Adnan Čutura and Adi Šoše was supported through the Local Entrepreneurship Partnership Centar Sarajevo, established with the support of EU4Business project. The Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Sarajevo, also result of EU4Business, provides long-term support to young entrepreneurs in starting new businesses and creating jobs. The Partnership consists of the Municipality of Centar, Sarajevo Canton Public Employment Service, International Burch University, CEFE BiH, Bit Alliance, DVC Solutions Ltd, Ministry of Labor, Social Policy, Displaced Persons and Refugees of Sarajevo Canton, Ministry of Economy of Sarajevo Canton, BH Telecom, Mozaik Foundation, BC Networks and Dizart doo Sarajevo.

For more information on the EU4Business project contact:

Katarina Crnjanski-Vlajčić, ILO program manager by e-mail:, as well as

Haris Sijarić, project manager by e-mail:

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