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Final List Under The Call For Engagement Of Potential Responsible Parties For Investment Support In Processing Capacities And Marketing Of Agri-food Products

Final list under the Call for engagement of potential responsible parties for investment support in processing capacities and marketing of agri-food products

Upon closure of the public call on October 9, 2019, a total of 32 applications were received. Following the expiration of the deadline for submission of applications, the Evaluation Committee conducted the scoring of all applications according to the administrative, general, special and qualitative criteria of the public call. Based on the evaluation of the received applications, the preliminary list of selected applications for funding through the EU4Business project was made. The preliminary ranking list was published on the relevant web pages on December 31, 2019, which was also the beginning of the period for filing complaints on the preliminary ranking list. The deadline for filing a complaint was January 14, 2020, at 17:00. After closing the deadline for complaints, the Complaints Committee processed received complaints and made recommendations to the EU4Business project. In line with the recommendations, the EU4Business project publishes the final list of beneficiaries as follows:

NumberApplicants nameLocationFinal list of beneficiaries
1Eko Sir Puđa d.o.o.LivnoYES
2Farmavit d.o.o.LjubinjeYES
3MI-Trivas d.o.o.PrnjavorYES
4Milch Produkt Smajić d.o.o.ČelićYES
5Očuz obrtVisokoYES
6Pašalić obrtZenicaYES
7Podrumi Andrija d.o.o.ČitlukYES
8Podrumi Vukoje 1982 d.o.o.TrebinjeYES
9Poljorad d.o.o.TravnikYES
10Vimar Groupe d.o.o.VisokoYES
11Vinarija JungićČelinacYES
12Agripet d.o.o.BrčkoNO
13Bonatura d.o.o.TešanjNO
14Casa Mushrooms d.o.o.Banja LukaNO
15Conte Co d.o.o.RogaticaNO
16Contendo d.o.o.VogošćaNO
17Credo Wines d.o.o.TomislavgradNO
18Elmar-aroma care d.o.o.TrebinjeNO
19Erik-Mir d.o.o.BrčkoNO
20Jaffa-komerc d.o.o.MostarNO
21Komrad d.o.o.TrebinjeNO
22Marinada d.o.o.KruševoNO
23Mesna Industrija KarajićVelika KladušaNO
24MI-Trade d.o.o.ČelićNO
25Mons Produkt d.o.o.TeslićNO
26Njam Njam d.o.o.PrnjavorNO
27Sana Vita d.o.o.PrnjavorNO
28Smrčak d.o.o.ZvornikNO
29SPD EMVogošćaNO
30Šumski plod d.o.o.ProzorNO
31Voćar d.o.o.BrčkoNO
32ZZ “Brka” BrčkoBrčkoNO

As stated in the Public Call Guidelines, it is not possible to file a complaint for the final list of selected beneficiaries.

“Competitiveness and Innovation: Local Development Strategies – EU4Business project” (Project) aims to contribute to economic growth and job creation through support for competitiveness and innovation in export-oriented sectors (such as wood, metal, textile, plastics or information and communication technology), as well as in agriculture, food production, tourism and rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The project is a four-year initiative (2018-2022), funded primarily by the European Union (EU) under Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) II and jointly implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

UNDP implements project activities related to the agriculture and food sector and rural development.”

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