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Overall, EUR 10 Million is allocated to financially support the private sector development in BiH, within the EU4Business project implementation.

Financial support is provided through grants in the export-oriented sectors, tourism, agriculture /rural development and entrepreneurship.

Grants are awarded through the public Calls for Proposals and are intended for investing in:

  • Strengthening of innovative abilities and competitiveness of companies;
  • Development of tourism products and better integration into international markets;
  • Development of agricultural holdings, processing and sale of agricultural products and rural development;
  • Encouraging entrepreneurship and start-ups by young people and marginalized groups in local communities.

Indicative plan for the public Calls for Proposals:

For farmers and co-operatives engaged in the primary production


February 2019
For entrepreneurship


April 2019
For the development partnerships in tourism


May 2019
For firms and co-operatives working on adding value to agricultural products and marketing


May 2019
For the development partnerships in the export-oriented sectors


July 2019
For rural development


October 2019
For individual companies in the export-oriented sectors


November 2019
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