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The technical support is available to strengthen the capacity of institutions dealing with private sector development in BIH, in the export-oriented sectors, tourism, agri-food sector and rural development, as well as entrepreneurship. The project cooperates with institutions at the entity, district and state level.

The EU4Business project directly cooperates with the three sector-specific committees (export, tourism and agriculture) aiming to remove obstacles to growth and innovation, and strengthen the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized firms. A part of the technical assistance is devoted to the grant recipients to facilitate the successful implementation of their development projects.

Capacity building is focused on the design and monitoring of the implementation of financial support measures from the EU funds, and it will include these aspects:

  • Institutional capacity development of relevant institutional partners;
  • Design of Grant Fund Facility;
  • Development of result-oriented monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework, and
  • Capacity development of other relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, to create better conditions for an enabling business environment, ILO will provide technical assistance through three global ILO training methodologies aimed at entrepreneurship development, with a focus on beneficiaries and mastering good practices:

  1. Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB);
  2. The Gender and Entrepreneurship Together (GET Ahead) training;
  3. Local Employment Partnerships training.


SIYB is one of the largest global business management training programmes and helps small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

It has four training packages that respond to stages of business development as follows:

  1. Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) – enables developing a concrete business idea.
  2. Start Your Business (SYB) – enables potential entrepreneurs with a business idea to develop a bankable business plan.
  3. Improve Your Business (IYB) – enables developing their skills and improvement plans in buying, stock control, marketing, costing, record keeping, business planning and human resource management.
  4. Expand Your Business (EYB) – enables growth-oriented entrepreneurs to develop a business growth strategy.

Donors/governments, service organizations/NGOs, potential and existing micro and small-scale entrepreneurs are final users of SIYB.

Its simplicity converts SIYB into a programme that can be rolled-out to massive numbers.  Nowadays, SIYB has been adapted for usage in over 100 countries and the materials translated in over 40 languages.

Also, this program ensures you to join SIYB’s global network of Trainers, Master Trainers and partner institutions (public & private). What makes SIYB strong is the trainer selection, certification and monitoring systems behind it that ensure a high technical standard.

For more details please contact our country office in BiH. Additional contact information find on internet site or sending an e-mail to


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