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The technical support is available to strengthen the capacity of institutions dealing with private sector development in BIH, in the export-oriented sectors, tourism, agri-food sector and rural development, as well as entrepreneurship. The project cooperates with institutions at the entity, district and state level.

The EU4Business project directly cooperates with the three sector-specific committees (export, tourism and agriculture) aiming to remove obstacles to growth and innovation, and strengthen the competitiveness of micro, small and medium-sized firms. A part of the technical assistance is devoted to the grant recipients to facilitate the successful implementation of their development projects.

Capacity building is focused on the design and monitoring of the implementation of financial support measures from the EU funds, and it will include these aspects:

  • Institutional capacity development of relevant institutional partners;
  • Design of Grant Fund Facility;
  • Development of result-oriented monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework, and
  • Capacity development of other relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, to create better conditions for an enabling business environment, ILO will provide technical assistance through three global ILO training methodologies aimed at entrepreneurship development, with a focus on beneficiaries and mastering good practices:

  1. Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB);
  2. The Gender and Entrepreneurship Together (GET Ahead) training;
  3. Local Employment Partnerships training.


SIYB is one of the largest global business management training programmes and helps small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their business.

It has four training packages that respond to stages of business development as follows:

  1. Generate Your Business Idea (GYB) – enables developing a concrete business idea.
  2. Start Your Business (SYB) – enables potential entrepreneurs with a business idea to develop a bankable business plan.
  3. Improve Your Business (IYB) – enables developing their skills and improvement plans in buying, stock control, marketing, costing, record keeping, business planning and human resource management.
  4. Expand Your Business (EYB) – enables growth-oriented entrepreneurs to develop a business growth strategy.

Donors/governments, service organizations/NGOs, potential and existing micro and small-scale entrepreneurs are final users of SIYB.

Its simplicity converts SIYB into a programme that can be rolled-out to massive numbers.  Nowadays, SIYB has been adapted for usage in over 100 countries and the materials translated in over 40 languages.

Also, this program ensures you to join SIYB’s global network of Trainers, Master Trainers and partner institutions (public & private). What makes SIYB strong is the trainer selection, certification and monitoring systems behind it that ensure a high technical standard.

For more details please contact our country office in BiH. Additional contact information find on internet site or sending an e-mail to


Admir Beharić
Born July 30, 1992

Admir Beharić is a certified SIYB trainer. He holds a B.A. in English Language and Literature from the University of Sarajevo. He was born in the town of Jajce and lives in Travnik. Working with young people for many years, in the sector of formal and informal education, Admir developed strong communication skills. He is effective in knowledge transfer, both in group work and work with individuals. Considering Admir is a freelance designer, his approach to initiating start-ups and business development has a creative note to it. As branding and distinction in the market are some of the key factors for the success of a business, especially new businesses, Admir’s approach in conducting SIYB trainings leans in part on his experience in creating innovative and functional design solutions. He therefore encourages trainees to a creative approach in developing and implementing business ideas.

Aida Pašalić-Uzunović
Born on July 30, 1982

Aida Pašalić-Uzunović is a certified SIYB trainer. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Sarajevo. She is currently enrolled in the master programme Accounting and Auditing Management at the Faculty of Economics in Zenica. Aida was born in Zenica, where she currently lives. She works as the head of Economic Affairs and Project Development Analytics in the Zenica Development Agency (ZEDA). Aida is also a certified accountant and a mother of two children. She has substantial experience in project management and finance, and many years of experience in working with entrepreneurs from the area of ​​Zenica and beyond. This is especially true in regards to work with users of business incubators. Aida has also experience in holding workshops on business plan development and training of entrepreneurs on business basics. She has advanced communication and organisation skills, and can easily establish a positive rapport with people.

Alisa Gekić
Born January 01, 1984

Alisa Gekić is a certified SIYB trainer. She hold a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from the University of Đemal Bijedić in Mostar. She lives in Mostar and is the head of the Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK. She has significant experience in provision of business services and has worked on several projects. Alisa has experience in provision of trainings in entrepreneurship and business development. She has substantial advocacy and consulting experience, especially in reference to work with minorities, economic empowerment and civil society organisations development. Alisa is a member of several professional bodies, among others in the Business Council on Education (US Embassy), the Local Economic Development Network in Bosnia and Hercegovina, the Global Diaspora Development Network, etc.

Dragana Kondić
Born December 23, 1974

Dragana Kondić is a certified SIYB and CEFE (Competent Economy through Formation of Enterprises) trainer. She holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Banja Luka. She works as a Senior Trainer of the CEFE BiH Association of Trainers and has many years of work experience in the field of commodity and financial accounting, organisation, planning and business monitoring. She participated in the implementation of various projects for entrepreneurship development and business planning as a SIYB and CEFE trainer. She also works as an independent consultant in the field of business plan and project proposal development, among others, for proprietors and legal entities.

Dženan Trbić
Born June 15, 1972

Dženan Trbić is a certified SIYB and CEFE (Competent Economy through Formation of Enterprises) trainer. He holds a B.A. in Information Technology from the University of Džemal Bijedić in Mostar and a M.A. in Financial Management. He lives in Sarajevo where he works as the Manager of the Center for Excellence in Entrepreneurship in Sarajevo. Dženan has many years of experience working in the non-profit sector and international organisations. His fields of expertise include information systems development, project financial management, grant program management, corporate social responsibility, research and policy analysis.

Ivan Babić
Born December 12, 1979
Banja Luka

Ivan Babić is an SIYB educator. He is also a mentor for sustainable business and development of small and medium enterprises (JICA methodology). He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Apeiron, Banja Luka. He works as an independent expert associate in the City Development Agency Banja Luka (CIDEA). Ivan has several years of experience working in the private, non-governmental and public sectors, as well as experience in running a private company. He has experience in project cycle management, business and strategic planning, internal revolving fund management, organisation of fairs and conferences, preparation of economic feasibility studies and cost analysis, organisation of companies into clusters, including organisation and implementation of trainings in business planning.

Majda Mujanović Babović
Born May 18, 1988

Majda Mujanović Babović is a SIYB trainer. She holds a B.A. in Management and a M.A. in Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Tuzla. She is dedicated to lifelong learning and opportunities for improvement. She has been working for ten years as a business coach and mentor in the domain of start-up and business development. She bases her philosophy of business development on the postulate “body, mind and soul.” She believe that businesses can only prosper through the balance of the body, mind and soul and the true wish to be a business-person. Her specialty is working with young people and students.

Nedim Dizdarević
Born June 04, 1970

Nedim Dizdarević is a certified SIYB trainer. He holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.A. in Management from the joint programme of the Griffith College Dublin and the University of Sarajevo. Nedim is the director of the Center for European Integration and Project Implementation of the Sarajevo Canton Chamber of Commerce. He has many years of experience working for non-profit and international organisations, and the private sector. He has worked in project financial management, grant program management, corporate social responsibility, research and policy analysis.

Nedim Pripoljac
Born January 12, 1979

Nedim Pripoljac is a certified SIYB trainer. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Vitez in Travnik. He has also completed two years of study at the Faculty of Education and Communication of the University of Jonkoping in Sweden with a major in Leadership and Youth Development Work in the Community. He has been working as the programme manager in charge for monitoring of all programmes and development of programme strategies in the Center for Youth Education for the past 17 years. He is a certified trainer in the field of youth work, strategic planning, employment, project management and quality control in NGOs.

Petar Radulović
Born October 27, 1984
Banja Luka

Petar Radulović is a certified SIYB trainer. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the Banja Luka College. He thinks of himself as an initiator, entrepreneur, economist, humanist and volunteer. Petar was born in Drvar and currently resides in Banja Luka. From an early age he has been interested in socially responsible activities. His life goal is to contribute to the development of the wider community while relying on his extensive professional experience.

Tina Anđić
Born September 10, 1987

Tina Anđić is a certified SIYB trainer. She holds a B.A. in Economics with the focus on international economics, from the University of Banja Luka. She works as a project manager at the Agency for Economic Development of the City of Prijedor (PREDA-PD). She has been working for the Agency since 2017 in various positions. Tina currently works on the preparation and implementation of development projects, which are financed by the IPA pre-accession instrument, EU programmes, as well as development programmes of international and domestic institutions, and organisations. In the past she also worked on providing assistance in developing business plans and public financial opportunities.

Višnja Kojić
Born August 23, 1959
Banja Luka

Višnja Kojić is a certified SIYB trainer. She holds a PhD in Economics from the International University in Travnik with a focus on entrepreneurial economics. She has worked in state and private sectors in various positions. She teaches Business Planning at the Pan-European University “Apeiron” in Banja Luka and holds workshops in the field of entrepreneurship. For the past 11 years, Višnja has been working as the principle of SŠC “Gemit Apeiron” Banja Luka, the largest state of the art private high school centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is also a professor of economics at the high school centre. Visnja is also a mother and grandmother.

Irma Dedić
Born March 25, 1983

Irma Dedić is a certified SIYB trainers. She holds a B.A. in Economics, including a MSc. in Economics and a PhD in Economics with a focus on crisis management from the University of Džemal Bijedić in Mostar. Irma is the head of the Tourism Studies Department at the University of Džemal Bijedić. She has extensive work experience in management, entrepreneurship, start-up business planning, crisis management, project management, financial management and marketing. During her 14 year long career, Irma has mentored the development of several hundred business and marketing plans. She is the author of numerous papers and publications on topics of business planning and crisis management, with a special emphasis on start-ups. Irma is also a private business owner. Furthermore, she has participated in the implementation of several domestic and international projects.

Igor Bajić
Born May 01, 1976
Banja Luka

Igor Bajić is a certified SIYB and CEFE (Competent Economy through Formation of Enterprises) trainer. He holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Banja Luka. Igor has extensive experience in management and business consulting. His areas of expertise are marketing and business planning. He has participated in a large number of research and technical projects, both for domestic and foreign clients. He has worked as head of the marketing sector for several companies, in the manufacturing, banking and services sectors. Igor also works as a consultant for support to start-ups, as well as small and medium enterprises. Until 2017, he was the co-owner and partner in the consulting firm Empyria and in early 2021 he founded his own consulting firm Cygnus. He has worked on over a hundred strategic, business and marketing plans, investment and feasibility studies, including analysis. During 2018, as part of the CEFE BiH team, he worked on the Youth Employment Project (YEP) to support entrepreneurship and employment. The project helped launch over 120 new start-up companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since 2018, Igor has also been actively conducting trainings for entrepreneurs. To date he has implemented dozens of trainings with about a hundred participants taking part in them.


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